NFC Testing

NFC testing covers verifying of interoperability between different Near Field Communication (NFC) devices, providing protocol testing, offering debugging and looking at the general performance and conformance of the NFC devices.

CISC Semiconductor offers NFC testing for all the above stated requirements. We offer RF layer NFC testing that complies with the ISO/IEC 14443-A/B, JIS X 6319-4, ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 18092 and ISO/IEC 18000-3 protocols. Additionally we also offer protocol layer NFC testing. CISC RFID MeETS  is an ideal test instrument equipped to conduct NFC testing of all kinds.

CISC Semiconductor has an international experience of over 15 years in different standardization organization making us a one of the leading companies to offer NFC testing complying with the latest protocols. For further information about NFC testing and other NFC related topic please feel free to contact our international and dynamic team.